Raspberry Pi camera

I ordered my Raspberry Pi camera the day it was release and RS’ site wouldn’t work so I used Farnell. I was please to see they implied the unit would be shipped soon. I wasn’t going to believe them as the last time that happened with the Pi I, like so many others, we still waiting 3 months later.

Anyway, the camera arrived and I managed to find a spare hour to fiddle with it and get it up and running.

Today I put in another hour and mounted the Pi into my Solar charging case, thanks to CottonPickers. Added to that I moved my TextStar LCD Screen which I’ve used before to monitor and control my Pi (standard info and GSM signal info) – thanks to Jeremy Blythe for the original script that I’ve modified over time to suit my needs.

Finally I added the Pi Camera and blu-taked it to the case (See pics) :-)

Quick overview: One of the buttons on the TextStar is configured to call the RasPiStill program and take an image. The default settings and quality are really good for a £25 camera.

This whole setup let me now go out and about with the Pi and Camera all being powered off batteries, being topped up fro

m solar.

Here is a couple of shots of the case/pi/camera/LCD setup and a couple of test shots from our walk today.
Case external:

Solar charging case from the front

Solar charging case from the front

Case with Pi and Pi camera and LCD

Case with Pi and Pi camera and LCD



Taken with Pi camera - 50%

Taken with Pi camera – 50%


Taken with Pi camera - 50%

Taken with Pi camera – 50%


I hope to post more examples and a better setup and walk through if time permits.




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  2. david says:

    WOW!! Nice job!! – looks very clear picture (I was expecting the quality to be much lower)

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